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Now you can combine your love for the planet with convenience, because who said you can't have both? At Karunaki, we understand that you have a busy life, and it is our mission to make things easy for you in your zero-waste journey. While we continue to design our very own eco-friendly branded products, we have engaged in providing a service to deliver sustainable, eco-friendly, and cruelty-free products to your doorstep on a monthly basis. This helps you avoid the hassle of shopping from one store to the next, in search of brands you trust and love. With our subscription service, you have them all in one place, which saves you precious time and resources!

So how does it work?
Our convenient and budget friendly boxes come with 5 to 7 eco-gifts every month. The retail value of only one of these products exceeds the price of the entire box! And the best part? We have a subscription level for every taste and budget!

Here's a breakdown of our available tiers:

  • Tier 1 Subscription 39.99/mo, monthly subscription, or 479.88/yr
  • Tier 2 Subscription 29.99/mo, bi-yearly subscription or 359.88/yr
  • Tier 3 Subscription 19.99/mo, yearly subscription or 239.88/yr

We will automatically charge your card based on the subscription tier you choose.  For example, we charge you monthly for Tier 1, bi-yearly or every 6 months for Tier 2 and every year for Tier 3.  We then ship you a box filled with lovely goodies by the first week of every month. We will let you when to expect your first box to arrive and when to expect it on a monthly basis.  You will receive an invoice leading up to the anniversary of your tier selection to notify you and remind you of your subscription renewal!

When it starts:
The ECO BOX CLUB will be open for online registration this Friday, June 21, 2019! The first 100 subscribers to sign up will receive our Amazon Choice Awarded Bamboo Tumbler for FREE!

Referral program:
Would you like to empower others to care for the planet? Each person will have their own referral link that they can send to friends and family! For example, for every person that registers through your link, you will receive a GIFT from us! And when you register 9 of your best friends, you get your Eco Box Club for FREE for a YEAR 🤯! Click here for more info on our awesome referral program!

Can I choose which items to go in?
We are currently working on a system that will allow our customers to choose which items they'd like to receive! We deliver a variety of items that can be used by any household of any type. We particularly hone in on products you already trust in areas of bed & bath, kitchen, and beauty (for all).

Can I ask to be sent less stuff?
YES! Absolutely! We understand the importance of sustainability. We just ask you to send an email to hello@karunaki.com with the subject line: "Less Is More Please!", and explain which product/products you would like to receive less of!

Proudly 🍁
As a Canadian owned company, we believe in empowering Canadians in their zero waste journey, and helping them do their part in protecting our precious planet. We've noticed this market gap in the sustainability space in Canada, and our subscription based model is a response to this gap. Support out proudly Canadian owned business and be a pioneer in the Canadian sustainability space. Together, we can make a difference. 💪

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